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THEMES Prevention perspectives (W. Wertelecki, MD, USA), 15 minutes, at the start of each webinar Prenatal perspectives – embryo-fetogenesis (Y. Melnyk, MD, Kyiv) Neurosurgery – Spina Bifida (M. Lovga, MD, Lutsk) Neurosurgery – Hydrocephaly (M. Lovga, MD, Lutsk) Long term multidisciplinary health care (O. Boyarchuk, MD, Ternopil) Neurogenic urinary bladder (V. Dydiuk, MD, Lutsk) Intestinal neurogenic dysfunctions (K. Hlushko, MD, Ternopil) Orthopedic management (V. Odarchuk, […]

Open Letter of OMNI-Net

March 3 - World Birth Defects Day. Click for more information
WE, YOU AND EVERYONE REDUCTION OF INFANT MORTALITY FOLIC ACID FLOUR FORTIFICATION NEURAL TUBE DEFECTS - SPINA BIFIDA PREVENTION WE, YOU and ALL Ukrainians can reduce child mortality. Ukraine is no different from other European countries in terms of risk factors associated with prematurity, low birth weight, young or older mother age. Ukraine differs from [...]

March 3 – World Birth Defects Day

March 3 - World Birth Defects Day. Click for more information
Congenital anomalies (CA) are the main cause of infant mortality in developed countries. The purpose of this Day around the world is to raise public awareness about the causes of CA, introduce CA primary prevention programs, expand the network of informational resources and care services for patients and their families. The problems associated with CA [...]

Participation in the 46th Annual Meeting of ICBDSR

On September 8-11, 2019, the 46th Annual Meeting of the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research (ШCBDSR) was held in Bratislava (Slovak Republic). OMNI-Net is a member of ICBDSR since 2000 and annually submits its data to this organization. Since 2018, it is possible to see the data online. At the meeting, the [...]