OMNI-Net Bulletins – Yearly Reports


We extend an invitation to maternal-child health care providers and parents to join OMNI-MCH. As a response to the aggression of Russia on Ukraine, the central aim of our alliance is to ameliorate its impacts on children, and in particular, those with developmental disabilities. The main goal is to link and facilitate communications of donors with recipients. Our strategy is to promote effective procedures.

  • Annual Report 2023 – Helping children with spina bifida in Ukraine – Our partners – International exchanges continue – Webinars/Practicums by OMNI-Net in 2023 – Webinars feedback – OMNI-Net websites statistics – Ukraine-EU webinar series on spinal dysraphisms – OMNI-Net monitoring of developmental anomalies ongoing – Developmental anomalies – radiation.
  • Bulletin of Oct 26, 2023 – Donors and new partners – Spina bifda, microcephaly: care and prevention – Free ongoing distribution of catheters – “Children’s Care during War” series of webinars and practicums – EU-Ukraine webinar series on spinal dysraphisms – “Polissia – Chornobyl – Spina Bifida” OMNI-Net report at 49th ICBDSR annual meeting in Malta – OMNI-Net report “Chornobyl – Spina Bifida Epidemic – Ukraine” at Harvard Medical School.
  • Bulletin of Jul 26, 2023 – Neural tube defects (NTD) – Persistent epidemic in Ukraine – Ukrainian parliament’s Health Committee review of legislation to prevent spina bifida – Helping children with spina bifida initiative “Help Us to Help Them” – Critical assistance from Polish goodwill partners to Lutsk Rehabilitation Center in Volyn – Events – OMNI-Net sites.
  • Bulletin of Mar 04, 2023 (in Ukrainian) – OMNI-Net initiative “Help Us to Help Them” (children with special needs) – “Dysmorphology and Special Needs of Children” webinars series – Nestle helps children’s hospitals – Events.
  • Bulletin of Aug 30, 2022 – Spina bifida – International events – Rotari – International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IFSBH) – Ukraine cooperation – Series of webinars “Spina Bifida – Hydrocephalus: Care and Prevention”.
  • Bulletin of Aug 16, 2022 (in Ukrainian) – Baby food – Feeding babies and children with special needs.
  • Bulletin of Aug 12, 2022 (in Ukrainian) – Radiation – Danger of exposure to radiation: Materials of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine – Reminder for the public about the use of potassium iodide.
  • Bulletin of Jun 22, 2022 (in Ukrainian) – Two of the most downloaded OMNI-Net scientific articles – OMNI-Net – Maternal Child Health Network (OMNI-MCH) – Rotary International Convention – Food for infants and children with special needs – Potassium Iodide – Shunts – Catheters – … Urinary/faecal incontinence – Care for wounded – Emphasis on Ophthalmology.
  • Bulletin of Apr 07, 2022 (in Ukrainian) – Support from Nestle and Child-Help International.
  • Bulletin of Mar 21, 2022 (in Ukrainian) – Radiation – Baby nutrition – Metabolic disorders.