Participation in the 46th Annual Meeting of the European Teratology Society

The participation of the OMNI-Net in the annual meetings of the European Teratology Society has become traditional. Thus, in 2017, our projects were presented in Budapest.

In September 2018, an annual meeting took place in Berlin. OMNI-Net (represented by Erica Patskun, Medical Geneticist, Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Uzhhorod National University) participated in the poster session presenting the poster “Incorporated Levels of Cesium in Pregnant Women and Prevalence Rates of Neural Tube Defects and Microcephaly”. The poster was created on the basis of the “Chornobyl, Radiation, Neural Tube Defects, and Microcephaly” report published by Prof. W. Wertelecki with co-authors in the European Journal of Medical Genetics.

In addition to the poster, OMNI-Net reminded of its priority projects “UTIS (Ukrainian Teratology Information System)” and the “Clinical Eye Openers” Dysmorphology Training Platform by handouts and during communications with the participants of the meeting.

E. Patskun presenting the OMNI-Net poster

Updated: 2022/01/12 — 17:11